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Ellis Paul

I Won't Cry Over You

Maggie looks out her window,
Sees a cab in the street
Lets out a point-blank whistle,
It stops with a screech
She picks up the last box,
That sits in the corner
She turns around to take
A mental photograph
She says to herself,
"I think a toast is in order,"
And she holds up
An invisible wine glass

"Here's to the fool I was
Here's to the bride I could never be
I've gotta know what's truth and what's fiction
I gotta feel like my love's got conviction
So tell me truth
'Cause I got me suspicions
And I tell you if it's the last thing I do
I won't cry over you . . . "

Maggie sits in the kitchen
of Miss Bethany Jones
Whose pouring the coffee
and gathering stones
"You gave him ultimatums
They did not even scare him
He'd walk a plank
before he'd step down the aisle
Take care of yourself, girl
He's the one who's gotta change him
Let him ponder bachelorhood for a long while"


'Cause I'm done with that
I'm done with crying
Seems like it's the only thing
that I've been trying

They're taking it down
to the heart of the matter
Talking the big picture
like it's a little tiny thing
Smaller than a bread box
Thinner than a whisker
They split like an atom
then the telephone rings

He says,


"I just had to call you
I feel like I've been spinning my wheels
I just had to tell you how I feel
I'm not asking you to
If only you'd listen
Don't cry "

Ellis Paul Music (SESAC) 1998