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Ellis Paul


Marilyn Monroe bought a bungalow
In sunny West Hollywood.
She took to the bottle; she threw out Aristotle,
Cause the thinking wasnt doing no good.

Its a goddamn waste its a bitter taste,
The pills we pop, the drinks we chase.
She threw down the script; she threw down the bottle.
Now whos gonna call Joe Dimaggio?

Youre dressed for the fight;
Its a Saturday night on the boulevard,
And I can hear in your voice,
Youre making bad choices.
Man, you only call me when it gets hard.
And we ask you to change,
And aint it strange how friends disappear?
Were tired of steering you clear,
Go ahead, fall all apart.

In boys town, they party round the clock.
The clock is spinning backwards.
The jesters doubletalk.
And if you listen to your language,
You could break the fall
Of rhymes and steal back time

If we took the medicine away,
Would the walls you build hold against the day?
When the sky is falling, when heavens calling,
When you run from your past, your future is stalling.
You find your grip and hold against the day
Heaven holds a place for those who pray.

Ellis Paul Publishing (SESAC)