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Ellis Paul

New Light on Your Halo

New Light on your Halo

Welcome to the city where we're rich on pride and pity Where a schoolboy, just a fool
boy, gets shot down in daylight A state of shock, a face down on the sidewalk Who's
seeing God and gets the nod to Heaven like a hawk Who keeps the score when the city goes to war -- By guns, by deaths, by money?
A man in a black coat standing in the gun-smoke Sips on white milk and honey...


This can be the playground of the feeble Where the mindless mix the soil of play with evil A child becomes the means because innocence is believable To all, to all, to all, but their mother's eyes New light on your halo

And it ain't shining brightly

And it ain't shining, it ain't shining, shine, shine, shine...
There's cracks in the walls in the town of Jericho, Sirens blaring out a lifetime never told Rembrandt at the wall his palate's small, his hopes are tall He writes his name, his claim to fame

On red bricks bright white
Hey pretty thing, voices out a window sing A Puerto Rican Peggy Sue of seventeen in yellow shoes
All are out tonight You might say they're looking for some action A dog strays, music plays, kids stay in the streets all day
They see the man in the black coat as a form of satisfaction

Ellis Paul/End Construction Publishing (ASCAP) 1992