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Ellis Paul

Two Bends in the Road

Words & Music by Ray Bonneville
2000 Ray Bonneville/Stonefly Music (SOCAN)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Two bends in the road
between you and I
new wind started blowin'
took me by surprise
I asked a passer-by
am I going the right way
got something in my eye
and I can't see clear today

If I was standing
up on high ground
waving my hands
and calling all around
would you hear me
would you say my name
two bends between us
on that road today

The butterfly in the wind
he don't know how fragile his wings are
he don't know
love's a lot like him now
fragile just like him

Some things are better off
left unsaid
darlin', I got something
rolling 'round in my head
I would tell you
if you really want to know
just that I never needed anybody so

two bends between us on that lonesome road