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Ellis Paul

Mrs. Jones

from: Live
Mrs. Jones wakes up, shes got a lover in her bed
She don't even know the boy's last name
And whatever excuse she makes up for what happened in the sheets
Lord knows, some things have got to change.

Cover me with rose petal kisses
Smother me with wet perfume
Hover over me,
Like you're pulling at the ocean
Tugging at the sand
Oh, sweet Gravity's hands
Fill me like the light fills the moon.

Headlights in the driveway, somebody's in a car, a door slams
Clip clop your man's come home
There's a tumble, there's a shakeup, a knife falls to the floor
God damn, that turns marrow to bone

[repeat chorus]

There's a man inside the parlor, his heartbeat paints the floor
A voice on his shoulder is whisperin' his name
In the heart of a desperate hour
Love knocks down all doors
Knowing too well it's too late to lay blame.

[repeat chorus]

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