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Ellis Paul

When We Begin

from: Live
The black strapless dress fits just right
The calendars marked six Friday night
She puts on a little makeup
Just enough to shake things up
Cause if she's moving on, she's gonna do it right

So tell me the story
of all your past glories
the lovers, the losers, the friends.
Spill all your magic,
the good times, and the tragic
Tonight will this mystery end?
When we begin
when we begin.

His cab driver says, Here we are.
It's pouring outside on the boulevard
But he smiles as he tips him,
though a nervousness grips him
He looks up at the place and pulls the door ajar

[repeat chorus]

She takes one last glance in the mirror
He shakes himself off on the stairs
He's fixing up the flowers
She's looking up at the hour
They both make a wish
for one goodnight kiss
He's knocking at the door

[repeat chorus]

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