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Thursday, December 10, 2009

I've been falling in love with this CD over and over! I've been a fan of Ellis since I saw him at Club Passim in the early 1990's, and I've still been blown away by this CD. The music, the lyrics, and the musicianship are all fabulous, and yet it never sounds overproduced or overmanaged. Ellis' heart and soul shine through on every track, and I haven't taken it out of my CD player since I got it in the mail!
--Brian Corr Cambridge, Mass.

The new CD is spectacular - absolutely the best recording that Ellis
has done to date.  From the lush production to the light and shade in
the songwriting - the range of styles and gut wrenching lyrical
content - this record is phenomenal.  I simply can't stop playing it
over and over and over and over and...

I love the new CD.  I knew many of the songs from hearing Ellis perform them, and they sound great in their recorded form.  And I am liking the new ones as I listen to the CD repeatedly. I was fortunate enough to host a house concert with Ellis in April.  We had the largest audience in the history of our series, and they absolutely loved the show.  What an honor to be able to do this, and what a treat to listen to Ellis in our living room.

A fan's (contributor's) review of Ellis Paul's new CD
A long awaited CD, as a fan & a contributor to this project I was looking forward to its release even more than other Ellis Paul releases. As a contributor it came in the mail before its actual release date. I waited long enough to unwrap it & walk to the CD player in the kitchen before listening. From the first song, Annalee I was already a fan. I savored each song as I listened.
There were happy songs, sad songs, songs of today in the tradition of folk, the tradition of the troubadour, the tradition of Woody Guthrie & others who knew the meaning of story telling & of writing songs of their times. Ellis hit on the topics that are on people's minds. He touched on things like unemployment, the economy, government bureaucracy & life  hypocrisy, relationships, first loves, breakups, life as a grown up & a parent & life in general. This album confronts all the things we as people struggle with today.  It is fresh & yet timeless. The good & bad & ugly of the world today meets the fairy tale love & dreams of forever for tomorrow.

The songs feel new & fresh. And there is a passion in Mr. Paul's voice & lyrics that breaks through with every track. The project itself was an undertaking in which the fans had the opportunity to donate to the project in order to make this album truly theirs & Ellis'. It may have been tried before, but I myself am not aware of the concept. But if this is the outcome perhaps it will & should be a part of the future of music for the Indie Artist. This album is truly a collaboration of fan & artist. As a fan & contributor I hoped for an album that would be fun, sincere & conceptually Ellis.20I got everything I hoped for & then some. I feel that the fan commitment & monetary support given to Ellis spurred him on to a new found passion for both his music & the fact that he had such supportive fans that were willing to help him to own his own music & the way it was recorded for himself & his family.

I believe that the love of his fans has given Ellis a new appreciation of just what a following he has & of how much his songs mean to people. And that their support has given him a renewed passion to make the best product he can for then, for himself, for his family & for their future.
This album is a product of love. The fans love for Ellis, his talent & his music, and Ellis' love for his fans, his family & his music. His fans gave money, support & love, knowing we would receive more than we gave. And we did.
Ellis has given us his all on this one. A glimpse into his world, his glimpse into ours, his sincerity, his thankfulness, his humanness & his ability to transcend the things we all feel. His pointing out the problems in the world today may not be the answer, but it lets us know that others out there know=2 0our problems & feel our pain. And that in spite of all the hardships of our age, there is that ever present human spirit that holds the optimistic view that life is good & that we can & shall overcome the obstacles'.

And so regardless of what the press says or the reviewers review, this fan & contributor found this album to be more than she ever expected it to be & wants to thank Mr. Paul for  this wonderful effort.
•-Patty Taylor

We did receive the CD and it is just fabulous - I can't stop listening to it!  This CD is definitely his best and sounds so much like his live shows which is fantastic. Thanks for sending it out - keep up the great work!

What a nice surprise! I'd actually forgotten that I sent the money until I received the CD. What a wonderful surprise to open the package and realize that I had actually helped this CD come alive.  I'm so grateful to be part of the conduit to the realization of Ellis' dream.  The music is wonderful....
Thanks again,
Linda Bickford
Shelburne Falls MA

Just wanted to take time to give you a quick "shout out" on this album.  I've loved every song and feel that it is your best album since "Stories."  In signature Ellis Paul style, you weave a tapestry of words and music that reach for the soul, gently caress it and leaving you wanting more when it is all over.  It feels like you have hit the "sweet spot" with "The Day After Everything Changed" and I look forward to hearing these songs live when you head out here to Seattle!
•Lisa Stevens

Thanks for the music!  The CD is great--powerful, lyrical songs, sweet images of life, poignant moments broken open and shared.  The artwork is spectacular!  Great job!  Only thing better is Ellis live!  
•Debbie D.

I think one of the things that makes "The Day After Everything Changed" so beautiful (powerful) is that It's (music) right from the heart. From Ellis and the hearts of all the people who helped make it happen.
•Ron L.