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Ellis Paul

The Hero In You

cover of The Hero In You

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released 2012

Ellis Paul Publishing 2012
The Hero in You is an inspired family album with execution to match. Singer-songwriter Ellis Paul offers a stirring, well-researched tribute to a wide array of American heroes, crafting vivid musical profiles of men and women whose words, actions, inventions and art made a profound difference to countless lives. Paul's eclectic selection includes some of the familiar names you might expect: Thomas Alva Edison, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. Paul turns the latter's revolutionary mathematical equation E=mc2 into a memorable refrain. Other choices are less expected: The tragic and heroic Nez Perce leader Chief Joseph; Nellie Bly, intrepid world traveler and investigative journalist before women had the vote; artist Georgia O'Keefe and groundbreaking dancer-choreographer Martha Graham. Rachel Carson, the environmental movement pioneer, is here. So are early African American entrepreneur and former White House chef Augustus Jackson and 20th century blues musician Mr. Tee Tot. Paul connects his moving and celebratory biographical sketches with messages of positive reinforcement to young people to explore their own potential and follow their dreams. Lynne Heffley ©2012 Parents' Choice
Produced by Flynn /
Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Dooneen Studios, Brighton, MA.
Artwork: Drawings by Ellis Paul
Design: Communication via Design