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Mentoring with Ellis Paul

Ellis was mentored in his early days playing the Boston folk clubs by Bill Morrissey, an acclaimed songwriter in his own right, who produced Ellis’ first album project Say Something.

The career of a touring musician and songwriter has no road map. There’s no true school that can teach you how to find your voice and how to make it emerge in your writing. Everyone’s career path is different and lined with opportunities, luck, and plenty of mistakes. Bill’s guidance helped to enrich Ellis’ learning curve in how to run a business, write better songs, authentically perform, produce an emotionally rich album. It saved him time, improved his songs, and lifted the quality and depth of his performances.

Ellis has repaid Bill Morrissey’s guidance by mentoring numerous musicians throughout his career. He has adopted songwriters and taken them across the country, exposing them to his hard fought for national audience. He has helped them edit songs, guided them as performers and led them to be be better business owners.

He has worked with Antje Duvekot, Seth Glier, Christopher Williams, Peyton Tochterman, Rebecca Loebe and numerous other musicians in this capacity.

Ellis is also the founder of the New England Songwriters Retreat, an intensive four days of workshops, performances, and community building held in Chester, CT at the Guest House Retreat Center

Ellis mentors musicians from his home via Skype or in person on a variety of subjects from songwriting to career issues. The sessions last at least an hour and are especially helpful prior to album releases, campaigns, or tours.

A single session is $150. Ellis suggests starting with 4 sessions for a fee of $500. Sessions can be set up through PayPal. For questions or to book a session(s), please contact us: ellispaulproductions@gmail.com

Here are a two testimonials from artists Ellis has mentored:

"If songwriting were one of the Zen disciplines say, like gardening, the monk warriors would have called Ellis "Gādenā"- the gardener. That's what he taught me how to do- edit, garden. Start with rich organic soil and some good seeds, then get them in the ground and water them until they grow. At that point Ellis will show you how to pluck out the weeds, fend off the bugs, cast out the stones, dig up and replant a few rows, and rabbit proof that damn thing. It's harder than you think. Get rid of all the nonsense so that you're left with your beautiful, plentiful, precious little garden, ripe with home grown fruits and veggies. Edit, edit, edit. He is a master. Just make sure you give him your songs before you record the record.... Otherwise, what's the point of having the master show you how to grow, if your tomatoes have already died on the vine." -- Peyton Tochterman

"We've found Ellis's mentoring to be invaluable. His input has brought our songs and our songwriting to new and creative destinations. His experience and great sense of humor make for relaxed and engaging mentoring sessions during which we can share ideas and receive meaningful input. We would recommend Ellis to anyone looking for support, ideas, and guidance in crafting their songs." -- Katy and Todd of Sparrow Blue

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