Ellis Paul

the hero in you

“The Hero In You” is Ellis Paul’s 17th album, which has inspired a children’s book published by the Albert Whitman & Company, a prestigious publisher of children’s books. Inspired by the educational music in schoolhouse rock, Ellis recorded “The Hero In You” to educate the minds of children on America’s important influencers. He sings about the likes of heroes such as Thomas Edison, Rosa Parks, Woody Guthrie, Rachel Carson, and Jackie Robinson in this 14-song collection. Ellis has crafted the sound of “The Hero In You” so that each song engages listeners of all ages. “These people did amazing things, but they can also inspire young people today to go out and do something out of the ordinary to become the heroes of their own lives,” explains Paul.

“The Hero in You” was ranked #1 on the Scholastic Magazine’s instructor “Must Read” list in winter 2015.

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updated: 2 years ago