Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul-The Day After Everything Changed

Independent artist Ellis Paul recently released his first studio album in 5 years "The Day After Everything Changed". The songs range from anthem indie rock style to simple voice and guitar love songs. Three songs that have been grabbing the attention of Triple A radio and reviewers "The Day After Everything Changed", "Lights of Vegas" and "Heavens Wherever You Are". (click the titles to listen and read the lyrics)

Ellis recently had two songs recorded and released by the Grammy Award winning duo Sugarland on their Christmas album "Gold and Green". Past film/TV placements include his songs "The World Ain't Slown' Down" in Me Myself and Irene, "Sweet Mistakes" in Shallow Hal and "If you Break Down" in a season finale episode of NBC's hit show Ed.

The songs on "The Day After Everything Changed" reflect Paul's commitment to storytelling, exemplified in the title track. Lusciously produced by Sorted Noise in Nashville, we are happy to send along a CD or downloadable mp3's for consideration in any projects you are working on.

Described by Paul himself, "the songs on the album are about people who are at a crossroads in their life. I like songs to be cultural events, little ones, that somehow tell me what it feels like to be living here on this planet in this country at this time. I want to hear about people's joys and woes and apply them to my own. You can't fake real life stories. When you're faking it, it's obvious. As long as the writing feels real it works in any genre."

5 songs are co-written with Kristian Bush (Sugarland) Dirkpit Music BMI, and one song is co-written with Sam Baker, Blue Limestone Publishing SESAC. The Masters are 100% owned by Ellis Paul Publishing.

I hope you enjoy the songs and perhaps you can help find a place to use one in a current or future project.

Ellis has a back catalog of 15 albums 7 of which he owns. We would be happy to work with you to help find a song that fits your project.

I will be in NYC with Ellis on Friday, February 26 and Los Angeles on Friday March 5th if you would like to arrange a meeting in person or come to one of his performances, please feel free to be in touch.  Thank you for your time, I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,
Rachel Klein
Ellis Paul Publishing