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Ellis Paul

  • Ralph Jaccodine
  • Management & Publicity
  • Ralph Jaccodine Management
    P.O. Box 381982
    Cambridge, MA 02238
  • 617-393-9800
  • Shaun Hague
  • Booking (USA)
  • Supreme Entertainment

  • 310-344-9433
  • Booking (Canada)
  • Val Denn
  • Val Denn Agency
    100 Congress Avenue, 20th Floor
    Austin, Texas 78701
    Phone: 512-391-3855
    Fax: 512-279-2477
  • Karen Zundel
  • Fan Ambassador
    Moderator, Ellis Paul Discussion Board
    Archivist, Ellis Paul Archive
  • Do you have an Ellis Paul story you’d like to share?  If so, please e-mail it to Karen. Stories may be published in a forthcoming newsletter.  Karen invites all Ellis Paul fans to join the community of fans and friends who are registered members of the Ellis Paul Discussion Board.  Lastly, please also consider donating items to the Ellis Paul Archive.  See link below for more details about the Archive project.