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Oct 22 2008 - The tattoo is of the song take all the sky you need...wow... its beautiful...

Oct 22 2008 - The tattoo is of the song take all the sky you needwow its beautiful

Artwork and tattoo by Brian Hemming at Pino Brothers Ink in Cambridge Massachusetts

This was sent to me by Joe Brindley, currently a student at Berklee College.
I know the depth of inspiration I reached to put Woody Guthrie on my arm. So, to think I have inspired someone in that way leaves me speechless.

Thank you Joe for sharing this.

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Norman Transcript on Ellis' Show

Published: October 09, 2008 12:00 am    

Wow, what a show

Editor, The Transcript:

I applaud the The Performing Arts Studio and the Winter Wind Concert Series in bringing talented musicians to our community. These groups sponsor many opportunities for enriching cultural experiences and add to the list of reasons why Norman is such a great place to live.

I attended the first performance of their winter series this past weekend and witnessed the musical magic of Ellis Paul. Ellis, the recipient of 13 Boston Music Awards, played his acoustic guitar and keyboards and mesmerized his audience with his meaningful lyrics at the Norman train depot. His performance was powerful and charismatic as he captivated the attention of all present. A gentleman who sat behind me said, "He has touched emotional places within me that I didn't know existed."

His uninhibited singing voice complimented his soulful messages as he refreshed the audience with his authenticity and simplicity.

As I sat in the audience, I realized the tremendous impact that he had on my life in that moment. In a world of technology, we often forget the power of being in the presence of a talented artist. Frequently we are swept away by high tech movies, DVDs, videos, interactive games and we miss the true essence of sharing the same space of a gifted musician.

Music is a universal language that brings all of us together. Beethoven once said "Music is the mediation between the spiritual and the sensual life." Despite our political affiliations, religious choices, economic differences and backgrounds, music allows us to come together in a spirit of inclusiveness.

I am grateful to live in such a culturally rich community that values art and music. I encourage each of you to support the efforts of the Performing Arts Studio and attend their future concerts. For more information, call 307-9320 or visit www.thepas.org.

Cindy Merrick


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Sep 2 2008 - Love the Creativity on Youtube

September 2, 2008

Occasionally people out in the ether put beautiful images to my songs and post them on youtube-- Here are three of the best!

I hope you enjoy them. In light of not being on a major label, these might be the closest thing to an actual MTV kinda thing that yours truly enjoys. It is such a pleasure to see people bringing their talents to my music...
thanks y'all--

The World Ain't Slown' Down

Credits: http://uk.youtube.com/user/weskerandfox

If She's The One




Ballad of Chris McCandless


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