Ellis Paul

Mar 3 2008 - Change, Change, change change change...

March 3, 2008

When all is said and done, the year 2008 will spell out transition for all of us.  We will have a new president and go through the ideological challenges and changes that it will bring.  In this way, we will all have some kind of commonality, no matter how much the media describes us as opposed and divided and at odds by race and gender and party.

Privately, I'm vowing to make this year the best it can be artistically, personally, and professionally.  Songs always seem to dictate where I'm at in my life, whether intentionally or not.  It's time for a new studio album and perhaps a new book.  Shows and children's shows and time at home with my own family.  And a new national direction; Perhaps with a woman! Or goodness gracious!  A black man in office!  Transitions can bring a sea of change.  

How could this vast American river not change?

I hope the songs I write this year will be celebrating all of our evolutions.
I'm going to try, no vow, to reach across divides and close the gaps of my life in this dramatically changing year.  I'll write songs that attempt to do the same.  Songs that build bridges over troubled water so to speak (hey, that's catchy…).

Thanks again for all the support at the shows, and for picking up The Dragonfly Races which is getting a great response as it works its way out in the world.

See you out there!

updated: 3 years ago