Ellis Paul

Jan 1 2006 - happy new year

Happy New Year!
Cambridge, MAThe weather is overcast and threatening snow here in the Boston area. The shows are sold out, and the first two are now under our belts-- really enjoyed playing those first couple of shows. People came as far as Germany and England for the shows...two more to go...Don Conoscenti is in from Chicago and Christopher Williams is in from Nashville to play as the band, and tonight's show opener is producer/songwriter Flynn. Surrounded by friends in my spirtual home town again! Can't beat it!It's been a great year, thanks for all the support musically-- I am looking forward to writing a new batch of songs and taking them out on the road and I plan to do request shows with a three ring binder of all my songs next year...long live "Wilbur the Rat!"A Christmas album will definitely come out next year as well.I'm glad to have found new musical inspiration in Antje Duvekot, Sam Baker, and Ray Bonneville.My daughter is making animal noises and doing sign language and memorizing the alphabet... She's one and a half.She starts Harvard next year.Mike Kelly guitars have given me an endorsement deal, and I look forward to building a relationship with people who are making quality affordable instruments...I'm grateful to all the friends and family in my life... thanks to all of you.Have a great night tonight and an even better New Year y'all...
And thanks for coming to the new blog, I will try to post stories and poems and observations even more throughout the year-- please interact with the site-- leave comments, make observations, tell stories, write poems-- drop us a line here and at the discussion board.. I'd like this place to be a receptacle for creative thinking..See you on the road!

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