Ellis Paul

Nov 5 2009 - Greetings from Utah

Hey y'all...

It seems like there must be two hundred beautiful little kids playing outside my window.

I am sitting in the bedroom of Montana Jackman, songwriter Shane Jackman's son. The sun is bright today, and the mountains are looming large outside the window. Absolutely gorgeous out here. The Blue Ridge are beautiful, and older than these, biut not quite as dramatic. Bringham Young knew where to plant a culture.

I spent three days touring around Utah in the company of friends here, and was pleasantly entertained by the cultural differences out here in the land of the Mormons. Shane and his wife Linda took me to a service today, I believe it was called a Sacriment. I like the way the service was very communal with members from the community offering prayer. I had never been to a Mormon church gathering before.

The LDS church goers don't use caffeine or alchohol, so finding a good cup of coffee in town was slightly more difficult then in NYC where there is a Starucks on every corner. I can do without the alchohol for the most part, ( a good merlot with a meal here or there) but after a few days on the road, coffee becomes a much desired commodity. Kids are running rampant in the neighborhood and the community here seems very family orientated.

The shows here were small, but the`crowds were very vocal. And the good news was the album came in! I signed the first copy to Shane and his wife, and was very happy to have it in my hands. It's a life time of work.

You may be interested, if you are a fan of songwriters, in a new company that Shane helped to create called Apeus. They hosted a show for me in Provo on Thursday. Apeus.com

They are a networking internet site for independent music, where fans of the artists create an online community based on there personal taste in music, and generate income from sales of their favorite songs by their favorite artists. Check it out!

On Tuesday the album hits the stores... please check it out! This is definitely the one I am most proud of and worked the longest and hardest to put together... I hope you enjoy it!

See you soon!

updated: 3 years ago