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Family Man Recommends Best Family Albums of 2008

Family Man Recommends Best Family Albums of 2008
January 4, 2009
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With my own kids starting to be really critical of the choices I make for the top albums of the year, the pressure was almost too much this time around. Add to that the bounty of ambitious and crowd-pleasing CDs in the kid music marketplace and the choices were almost painful make. But weather the stress I did and the result is the third annual Family Man Recommends list of the year's top 10 family albums! Congratulations to the finalists and kudos to the many other fine albums that graced our ears. (Click on the album titles for full reviews on most of the titles.)

  1. Gunnar Madsen - I'm Growing - So original and so in tune with the humor of kids while sporting superb songwriting.
  2. Laurie Berkner Band - Rocketship Run - Berkner's new one is a joyous romp.
  3. Medeski Martin and Wood - Let's Go Everywhere - Score one for being both cool and kid friendly.
  4. Ellis Paul - The Dragonfly Races - Transcendent kid-folk music. Great voice.
  5. Barenaked Ladies - Snacktime - This CD is all kinds of happy from the zany Canadians.
  6. Recess Monkey - Tabby Road - A clever follow-up to their debut, which placed #2 on my list last year.
  7. Trout Fishing in America - Big Round World - They've never lost their inner child, even after so many recordings.
  8. Dan Zanes - Nueva York - Zanes is kindie rock royalty and this celebration of Latino music shows that he never lets his crown rest easy. Lucky us.
  9. The Terrible Twos - Jerzy the Giant - A worthy sophomore effort from one of the premiere alt-rock acts for kids.
  10. Frances England - Family Tree - With her gentle folk-rock sound and sweetly rendered lyrics have made England a darling of critics and preschoolers.

Among the great groups and albums that deserve honorable mention are They Might Be Giants (Here Come to the 123s), Justin Roberts (Pop Fly), Danielle Sansone (Two Flowers), Buck Howdy with BB (Around the Campfire), Brady Rymer (Here Comes Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could), Bill Harley (Yes to Running!), Daddy A Go Go (Rock of All Ages), Randy Kaplan (Loquat Rooftop). ScribbleMonster (Songs With No Character), Lisa Loeb (Camp Lisa), and Secret Agent 23 Skiddo (Easy).

If you're looking to purchase any of these albums, I highly recommend the PokeyPup.com, the most dedicated family music store in the galaxy.

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