Ellis Paul

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Reviewed By: Amy Weaver Dorning

Award-winning folk artist and troubadour Ellis Paul was inspired to write his first children's album when he realized that his older daughter was humming Barney tunes instead of his own music. He decided to remedy that by creating this soulful, folksy collection of tunes celebrating the possibilities of childhood. Also included with the CD is a whimsical 24-page lyric booklet illustrated by Ellis.

This is an enjoyable album, but the sensibility is more adult than kid-focused. It's as if Ellis rolled up all the nostalgia parents have for their own distant childhoods and combined it with all the dreams they have for their own kids and made it into a sweet and soulful album. Songs like "Road Trip" and "Wabi-Sabi" are catchy and tell a story, which older kids will appreciate, but it's not likely this music will tear the preschool set away from Barney and Elmo.

updated: 10 years ago