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Ellis Paul

May 18 2017: Time, Time, Time

May 18 2017 Time Time Time

Time, Time, Time

In Ireland there's a tradition of saying goodbye to an old friend called an Irish Wake-- it's a party where you gather to say farewell to a someone who has packed their bags and bought a ticket for America, someone you may never see again. It's not as somber as a funeral, but it's a last goodbye and a celebration of memories and the promise of a new future at the same time.

I'm between flights today on my way to Austin to say goodbye with my Texas/Oklahoma music family to Jimmy LaFave, who has been struggling with cancer and is likely in the last few months of his life. There's an enormous concert at the Paramount Theater tonight to celebrate his life. It's more serious than an Irish wake, more final, but Jimmy has been able to stretch his goodbyes and bask in the glow of friends, his family and his extensive fan base. And there's joy in saying, "I love you" and "thank you" ...

I'm one of the many people in line to do that, and sing a song or two. I have so many memories of him and I hope you all will check out his music-- he's one of my favorite artists and deserves the further recognition that is coming now.

I've been playing the Woody Guthrie Festival for 20 years and often the after hour jams would take place in the parking lot of the hotel until dawn. Hearing Jimmy's voice rise into the Oklahoma stars would always bring this thought to my mind-- "I am so lucky. Lucky to be alive with these people, in this moment, hearing this, seeing this." Dylan, Woody, old gospel songs-- his voice will always my favorite way to hear a song.

I'm reminded how short life is! And the sacrifices that come along with a working lifestyle of travel for music. Jimmy and I have been brothers on the Troubador highway, and knowing there will be a time when he's not somewhere on the American map traveling across a highway as I traverse another is disheartening. But the road goes on nonetheless.

Send up a prayer for Jimmy and listen to his music. It will do you good!

Sending love to you all, please check out additional news below!



updated: 5 years ago