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Ellis Paul

Nov 2 2015: Ellis Paul's new book and shows along the East Coast!

Nov 2 2015 Ellis Paul039s new book and shows along the East Coast

Hello from the road!

My main job in this big ol' world is storytelling. You probably know this, since you're on this mailing list. Whether it is art, songs, books or shows, I feel like my purpose on the planet is to create stories from scratch or interpret the ones I see around me.
It's an amazing way to be on Earth. Each story, when done properly, is like a snow globe, a three dimensional world to peer into until you can't separate your own life from what's beneath the glass. Then, the snow globe is truly shaking you, not the other way around.
Those moments of transportation are what I live for as a listener, not only as a creator. John Prine, Joni Mitchell, Woody, Dylan and hundreds of other artists have given me a better lens to view the world through. In fact, they've helped me frame my world view.
I don't separate any of my art in categories that are more important to me. If I'm doing a line drawing or a children's book, children's song or an adult one, I'm still trying to make the magic trick of the snow globe effective. Collaborating can bring even more spice and color to the project.
I've just released a new children's book "The Night the Lights Went Out on Christmas". It's about a neighborhood that forgets the meaning of the holiday in their competitive drive for to be the best decorated house in their neighborhood. It was inspired by Medford, MA, a neighborhood where I lived a few years ago. I'd come home from the road and would spend half an hour trying to get my car down street loaded with traffic and gawkers.
My collaborator was Scott Brundage, an incredible illustrator from Brooklyn, NY, who brought the story alive with light filled paintings of the characters and buildings in the neighborhood. I'm also busy writing songs for the characters and hoping to turn this snow globe children's book into a full blown holiday TV special! Good stories cross into many mediums! If you are involved in the business, let us know. We will also have a musical of the story for schools and churches for next year.
There's a message in the book regarding losing the center of Christmas beneath the overwhelming decorations. With every order, you will also receive the "City of Silver Dreams" CD of original holiday music, including a version of the song that inspired the whole project and two songs I wrote with Jennifer and Kristian from Sugarland. Check out the book trailer and see if Scott's illustrations don't pull you deeply into the story's snow globe!
24th annual NYE shows
And don't forget our 24th annual New Year's Eve shows at Club Passim. BettySoo is opening the shows on the 30th and Flynn will be celebrating 12 years of opening the shows on the 31st. Get your tickets now as they will soon be gone. Ring in the New Year with me, Radoslav Lorkovic, Don Conoscenti, BettySoo and Flynn.

My Woody Guthrie Folk Festival art
Woody Fest is putting up my artwork for sale that I've done for the festival over the years. The items they have available are t-shirts, posters, art prints, throw pillows, mugs bags, and more! Check it out here.
Come out to shows! Fill your stockings with music, books, and art!
As always, thanks for the support at the shows!
For those who can't get to one of my shows. I will be performing a Concert Window showNovember 19th! It's a show from my living room to yours!
See you out there on the road!

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