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Jul 2 2015: Happy Fourth of July! Oklahoma, Colorado, Maryland, and more!

Jul 2 2015 Happy Fourth of July Oklahoma Colorado Maryland and more
[photo from Woody Fest! Credit: Melissa Bugg]

Hey everybody---

Happy Fourth!
Glad to see see flags raised (and a few coming down!) this week!

Things are rolling into the summer-- lots of great shows coming up! Including shows at the Blue Door and Woody Fest in Oklahoma in the upcoming week! Some other stuff coming up as well, below!

I've recently had another great Concert Window show, check the calendar for the new schedule. I will be hosting a Tiny Living Room Concert WindowFestival live on Sunday, September 20th from 1-7pm, with a great group of people--- guest artists include Vance Gilbert, Antje Duvekot, Chuck Cannon, Laurie MacAllister and others! It's to benefit the ChildFund, a great sponsorship program for kids in third world countries.

I hope I see you on the road this summer! Check out the schedule and see what special events are in the works below!
Happy Fourth of July!

1) Mentoring/lessons/songwriting via Skype!

We've set up a place on the website where you can have one on one sessions with me via Skype. If you want to learn songs, have me edit your songs, or talk general creative/business/song talk, check out the lessons and Brittany will help set a time.

2) Camp Ned!
I am teaching at a great song writing camp in Nederland, Colorado in July!
Tracy Grammer, Darryl Purpose and more will be teaching over the course of three days in a spectacular setting--
Click below for more details!

3) January 7-10 2016

Come cruise with Radoslav Lorkovic and myself on a boat from Tampa to Cozumel, Mexico!
Four days of music and workshops on a beautiful boat! Come escape out of the cold and snow!

If you have a child attending or teach at an elementary school, considering adding "The Hero in Musical" to your concert schedule. In this educational musical, school kids dressed as famous Americans; Ben Franklin, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, and singing biographical songs about their inspirational impact on America.
The book was was recently chosen as the number one book for teachers over the winter by Scholastic. The Musical is easy to license and affordable!
Email Ralph if you are intested in bringing "The Hero in You" musical to your school or community - rjaccodine@gmail.com.

5) School visits in person or via Skype!
In May I had the opportunity to both visit schools in person  (from elementary to high school) as well as Skype into classrooms to talk about my work, sing to kids or even write a song together. It's fun! Check out Ellis Paul Kids for more info!

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