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Mar 26 2015: Shows this week in Mass and RI! Songs in movies! Private shows, school shows, and the long, winding road!

Mar 26 2015 Shows this week in Mass and RI Songs in movies Private shows school shows and the long winding road

[This is the poster I created for the Woody Guthrie Festival!]


I can't believe it's over. What must have been the most legendary winter for the East Coast is finally done. Hopefully...

Today I am packing for a trip to melting Massachusetts and Rhode Island and then I quickly buzz down to Nashville to write for BMG and country artists for a couple days. I have now divided my career into many paths! One as a performer/artist, secondly as writer for others-- children's music, movies, tv, ads and covers songs for other artists, and lastly as an author of books for young people. A new book with a Christmas theme arrives in the Fall! I'm busy, but loving the work.

I wanted to catch everyone up with what's happening in my travels.

Firstly! This weekend are two shows: the Me and Thee Coffeehouse on Friday March 27th in Marblehead, MA and Music at Lilypads in Peace Dale, RI on Saturday, March 28th. Both of these places have a long and storied history and are great venues to see a show.

Next week on April 1st, I will be performing live on the Internet from on my tiny bedroom concert show at 8pm on Concert Window! Plenty of high jinx here with special guest Michael Clem and Rusty Speidel! I will be focusing on songs from my early albums "Stories" and "Say Something"! And some newer stuff!

I'm going to have two songs in movies this year. One of my children's songs "Nellie Bly" will be in a movie called "Nellie Bly: Ten Days in the Madhouse"and the other song "Saving Grace" will be in a movie called "All in Time".

I will be recording a new live album at S.P.A.C.E. in Evanston, IL with special guest Radoslav Lorkovic on April 25th! Come out and be part of the crowd noise and shout alongs! The night will feature new songs from "Chasing Beauty" and "The Day After Everything Changed"!

My children's book "The Hero in You" was just named the number one winter read for teachers by Scholastic Teachers Magazine! I have also finished a musical/concert for elementary schools to perform in the consumes of the heroes they choose. Check out EllisPaulKids.com for more info!
I have been making frequent stops across the country to sing for students at their elementary schools as the book and concert gains momentum. Two schools are premiering the show this year! Let's us know if you are interested! I recently even Skyped into a classroom for a concert!

Would you like a concert in your living room? In between stopping in theaters, night clubs, festivals, school s and churches I am also performing in living rooms! Scheduling being very broad, we are always looking to fill off nights in between shows with house concerts and private shows! Let us know if you are interested! It's a long highway, and maybe you live en route!

Thanks for the love and support on the road, I hope to see you out at a concert soon!


I don't know why, but there is some truth that pain is a wellspring for art. The thing is, you'd have to be a rock and not a human being to not experience pain. It's really part of the human condition. So use what's there. Great songs spring from happiness too, but to even grasp happiness, you have to understand what the opposite, sadness, feels like. Write out of authentic emotions. Anger. Frustration. Longing. You have it. If you need to be reminded, go to Bird Man. Read Grapes of Wrath. Look at a Van Gogh painting. Then write from the place they take you. Bring a note pad. Write great phrases down from the movie. Or book. Put that feeling or your emotional responses into your own voice. Tell the story of a moment in the painting. Or the movie. Or the book. If you can't harvest your life for the song, find another field of sunflowers. You don't need to be a cancer survivor to be a writer or have a shitty childhood. You just need to be honest, vulnerable and somehow inspired. If you are having trouble accessing inspiration inside, seek it outside from these other art forms. Or just look at your girlfriend and ask yourself why she alters your body chemistry with a smile. Your songs are sitting next to you. They're at bus stops. In restaurants. They're in empty fields and crowded sidewalks. They're live and breathe In a fourth dimension and its your job to pull them from the ether and put them in our ears. I've gotta go. I just had an idea... Ellis

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