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Troubadour Ellis Paul in Boothbay and 3 Rootsy Folk Acts in Brownfield

April 07, 2015

Troubadour Ellis Paul in Boothbay and 3 Rootsy Folk Acts in Brownfield
Singer-songwriter and Maine native Ellis Paul’s latest album, “Chasing Beauty” is his nineteenth in a recording career that started in 1989 with “Am I Home.” Paul is a troubadour who is on the road more often that not and he’s amassed an ardent fan-base by consistently putting out solid records and putting on fantastic live shows. If you haven’t seen him yet you’re missing out. His voice is both crisp and tender with poetic lyrics that are sometimes deeply personal and other times observational. “Chasing Beauty’s” title track is a superb example: “You said every dream that could cross our lips lies just beyond our fingertips. I caught some I let slip right through my fingers.” “Love is a Curious Thing” is another. “If you ain’t got nothin’ that you die for. Tell me is your life worth living after all?”

Some of Paul’s tracks are quiet numbers with piano and acoustic guitar. Others open up with electric guitar, drums, organ, bass, horns and sensational female backing vocals. With “Chasing Beauty” he stays true to form with another record that has earned the title of “Signature Ellis.” In an ever-changing musical landscape, Ellis Paul stands on terra firma with a sincere dedication to his craft and to engaging his audiences. Hear and see for yourself on Friday night.

by Aimsel Ponti, Maine Today

updated: 2 years ago