Ellis Paul featured in documentary "Catching Salinger"

I am a book reader, novels, biographies, historical accounts. I devour books like a good steak. It's over quickly, and I feel satiated, and sleep a lot.

Catcher in the Rye felt like reading a biography of me. You might have felt the same way, it's all of our stories to some extent, a disaffected youth, surrounded by questions about adulthood, and a future that was less than certain.

I was approached a few years ago to contribute to a book entitled, Letters to Salinger - a group of artists writing in regards to Salinger's impact on their lives. Click HERE to read my letter.

I have read Catcher in the Rye six times. I like its graphic honesty. It's a bit like Homer, a journey filled with challenges, temptations, and soul searching. I hate that it was an inspiration to the man who killed John Lennon, as you'll see in the piece I wrote for Letters to Salinger.

Recently, the French novelist Frederic Beigbeder, invited me to contribute to his film documentary, Catching Salinger - a Frenchman's search for the trail of the reclusive author. Salinger wants to be left alone, and hasn't done an interview in decades. The documentary keeps a respectful distance, but follows his shadow everywhere.

I met with his film crew in New York City in Central Park, in the very place Holden Caufield saw the ducks on the ice pond in the novel. I felt like I was among kindred spirits in the park, and performed a version of "Take All the Sky You Need" at the pond while sitting against a giant rock. From there we followed the path of Holden towards the Natural History Museum. The crew and the author were thrilled to be in New York pursuing the vision of the documentary, and it was contagious. Take a peak at the trailer linked below, and enjoy the film when it comes out. -- Ellis

The film, directed by Jean-Marie Perier is scheduled for release on Sept. 23, 2007. You can view the films trailer HERE.

updated: 10 years ago